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My publishing company is Blysster Press (pronounced Blister) Go to www.blyssterpress.com 
to check out their site and other amazing authors.

I have been attending Crypticon Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend every year since 2012. 
It is amazing and so much fun. See pictures on Facebook at Kyona Jiles - Author.

As a public school teacher, I believe reading and writing
are important.  I also believe that people should be able
to have an escape from the stress of everyday life.  
It doesn't matter if that's books, movies, video games, or relaxing with friends.

Life's too short!  Enjoy it any way you can.

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Signed copies of my books are available for $10
Sweet T's, Brewster, WA 98812
Located in the 100 Block on Bridge St. (one block S. of the light)

Stuff for Guys     Gifts for Gals     Something for Everyone
New and Used Clothing, Sporting Goods, Jewelry, Watches,
Unique Gifts, Gift Baskets, Watkins, Home Decor!!
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