About Kyona

"How in the world do you pronounce your name?"


I get this question a lot.  I love my name!  It comes from the Native American Blackfoot tribe and means "Shining Star". Pronunciation: "Ki-oh-nuh"  Hope that helps! :) 

My Background

My publishing company is Blysster Press (pronounced Blister)

Go to www.blyssterpress.com   to check out their site and other amazing authors.

I attended Crypticon Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend 2012-2014. www.crypticonseattle.com   It is amazing and so much fun. See pictures on Facebook at Kyona Jiles - Author.  

As a public school teacher, I believe reading and writing   are important.  I also believe that people should be able   to have an escape from the stress of everyday life.    It doesn't matter if that's books, movies, video games, or relaxing with friends.  

Life's too short!  Enjoy it any way you can.  

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Just some stuff...


*Music - Right after Reading and Writing, my favorite thing to do is listen to music. The best part is that I can listen to music while I read or write! Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Eric Church, Halestorm, Jason Aldean, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, and Nickelback are just SOME of the artists that make up the 4,000 songs on my iTunes....

*Movies and TV - I have an endless string of movies and TV Shows waiting on Netflix. My favorite movie is "Sahara" with Matthew McConaughey. Another one of my faves is "Long Kiss Goodnight" with Gena Davis.


The Books I Read Over and Over...

Ride The Wind by Lucia St. Claire Robson

Mr. Perfect by  Linda Howard

Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Kiss And Tell by Cherry Adair

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty

A little bit serious... 

Let me start this with an immediate disclaimer: I am a very unpolitical person. I have not put these comments here to offend anyone. Part of being a writer is being very open and honest about your opinion.


* Don't complain about a problem unless you're willing to be part of the solution.

* Laughter and Humor really are the best medicine.

* Life is hard and usually not fair.  Deal with it.

* Teachers are the most important and the least respected professionals in the world.  Every job has a purpose.  But, how did doctors, lawyers, custodians, bank tellers, etc., become what they are?  Because of the education they received from their teachers.

*My grandpa was a Marine and my Uncle was a Marine. My dad and both his parents were in the Army. My step-dad was in the Air Force.  I believe our troops deserve our support and prayers.  They were not drafted; they are doing something they believe in.